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Year 10 Spanish

We consider Spanish to be an essential subject in the current worldwide environment. Spanish is useful to communicate with others in different countries, open university entries and will develop students’ thinking skills.. We cover the four skills, listening, speaking, reading and writing in a wide range of topics.


Workshops, school trips


Language room with useful displays to refer to the learning

Autumn Term

Module 3 

Theme 1:

Identity and Culture

Mi gente (F)

  • Relationships and social networks

  • Present and present continuous tenses

  • Adjectival agreement

  • Ser versus Estar

  • Use of “para”+ infinitive


Listening and Speaking

Module 4

Theme 1:

Identity and Culture

Intereses e influencias(F)

  • Free time activities, sports, media and entertaining

  • Present and Imperfect tense

  • Stem change verbs

  • Use of “soler” + infinitive


Reading and Writing

Spring Term

Module 2

Theme 3:

Current and future study and employment


Mi vida en el inti (F)

  • School life and future study and employment

  • Present and future tenses

  • Comparatives and superlatives

  • To say how long you have been doing something

    Revision Module  2


Listening and Speaking


Film Project

Film Review

Summer Term

Module 5

Theme 2:

Local, national, international and global areas of interest


Cuidades (F)

  • Local area and global issues

  • Conditional and future tenses

  • Demonstrative adjectives

  • “se puede” + infinitive 

    Module 1

Theme 2:

Local, national, international and global areas of interest


Desconéctate (F)

  • Holidays; tourism

  • Weather

  • Present, preterite and imperfect tenses 

  • Use of different structures to give opinions

Revision of all Yr 9 topics


Listening, Reading and Writing