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Religious Studies

Year 10 Religious Studies

Boys in Year 10 follow the AQA GCSE (9-1) specification A religious studies syllabus. The syllabus comprises two components. Component 1 is the study of religions and component 2 is religious, philosophical and ethical studies. They study Christianity and Judaism for component 1 and themes B, C, D and E for component 2.


Religious Studies club and revision classes.


A designated class room that is Religious Studies orientated and fully resourced for adequate and quality teaching and learning.

Autumn Term

Component 1

  • Christianity – Beliefs, teachings and practices

Spring Term

  • Judaism – Beliefs, teachings and practices.

Summer Term

Component 2

  • Theme B: Religion and life

  • Theme C: The existence of God and revelation

  • Theme D: Religion, peace and conflict

  • Theme E: Religion, peace and conflict