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Year 10 History

The study of history in the upper senior school has a central focus around the GCSE history course, and aims to develop the skills and knowledge developed in the subject in the lower seniors. The course covers two detailed period studies covering a short period of time (Year 9) and two broader thematic studies over a longer period (Year 10). Year 11 then aims to hone these skills in preparation for the GCSE examinations.


Visit to Imperial War Museum

Auschwitz trip

Autumn Term

Kaiser Wilhelm II & the difficulties of ruling Germany

The Impact of WW1

Weimar democracy

The Depression & the rise of the Nazis

The failure of Weimar democracy

The establishment of Hitler’s dictatorship

Spring Term

Economic changes

Social policy & practice

Control & resistance

Britain: Health and the people

Medieval medicine

Medical progress

Public health in the Middle Ages

Summer Term

The impact of the Renaissance 

Dealing with disease

Prevention of disease

Advances in medical science in the nineteenth century

Further impact of Germ Theory in Britain

Improvements in public health