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Religious Education

Year 1 Religious Education

Autumn Term

The boys will learn about the ways Christians and Jews celebrate their harvest festivals and give thanks to God. They will discover facts about the Jewish Sukkot and write thank you prayers. We will think about how our actions affect others through the book “Don’t be a bully Billy” and consider the meaning of the parable “The lost sheep.” The celebrations of Diwali, Hanukkha and Christmas will also be covered. 

Spring Term

We will look at a variety of churches and consider how they are similar and different. We will then learn about places of worship, holy books and artefacts from the Jewish, Buddhist, Hindu, Sikh and Muslim faiths. 

Summer Term

Stories such as the Christian “The Calming of the Storm,” The Jewish stories of “The Prince who thinks he is a rooster,” and  the Buddhist “The Jataka Tales” and  story “The Monkey King,” will be covered. As will the Islamic story “The Crying Camel” and the Sikh story of how “Guru Nanak helps the hungry.”