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Year 1 History

Autumn Term

Samuel Pepys

During this topic a wide range of resources are used to discover facts about the life of Samuel Pepys, the importance of his diary as a historical source and the events of the Great Plague and Great fire of London. The boys will create timelines and complete a “Who wants to be a millionaire?” quiz! They will compare life in the 17th century with life now, learn why the fire spread so quickly and what lessons were learnt because of the fire.

Spring Term


The boys will study aspects of Mexican history and traditions, including “The Day of the Dead” festival. They will begin to understand how events can change history and use secondary resources to discover historical facts. They will consider similarities and differences between life as a boy in Aztec times and now. 

Summer Term

The Olympic Games, Euro 2021

During this topic the boys will learn about the ancient Olympic Games, the story of the first marathon and aspects of life in ancient Greece. England’s progress in the Euro 2021 competition will guide the rest of our history this term! Initially we will study the history of football and historical aspects of Croatia, the Czech Republic and one other country yet to be decided. Hopefully we can study other countries that England meet in further rounds. However, if things do not go as we hope, there are lots of other countries in the competition that we can choose to learn about.