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Year 1 Geography

Autumn Term

London and the local area

The boys will begin to use atlases to find different countries around the world which they can then locate on unlabelled maps and begin to use simple keys to identify their chosen countries. They will become familiar with the concept of the equator and how in simple terms climate in a country is affected by its closeness to the equator. The boys will investigate our local environment. They will develop an understanding of the human and physical geography of the area around the school and of London. They will develop their mapping skills by using maps of the local area, our school and the tube map.

Spring Term


The boys will study aspects of the human and physical geography of Mexico. They will learn about the geographical diversity of the country, including deserts, mountains, coral reefs, mangroves, mountain ranges, peninsulas and volcanoes.  

We will learn about the climate of Mexico, what life is like in the small village of Tocuaro, make our own maps of Mexico and create our own symbols.

Summer Term

The Olympic Games, Euro 2021

The boys will study aspects of the human and physical geography of Greece, Tokyo, Croatia, the Czech Republic and any other countries that England will (fingers crossed) meet on their way to winning the Euro 2021 competition! We will use the internet, atlases, globes and hopefully adults originating from some of the countries to aid our research.