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Design Technology

Year 1 Design Technology

Autumn Term

The boys will work through the design, making and evaluating process when creating poppies for Remembrance Day and 3 dimensional Stuart houses which will then be set on fire at the end of our Great fire of London topic! Kitchen safety and hygiene will be covered when we make salt dough Christmas tree decorations. 

Summer Term

Much of our design technology this term will take place in the kitchen! The boys will design and make fruit kebabs using the colours of the Mexican flag, filming as they go along to tie in with their computing task of creating a film for an episode of a cooking program! They will also make and sample guacamole and tortillas. They will also make Mexican papel picado, an Aztec headdress and a sock puppet.

Spring Term

The boys will be introduced to simple sewing techniques using Binca. We will also make buns, decorate them with icing in the form of the St George’s flag to support England in the Euro 2021 football competition. In addition, the boys will create their own table top football game!