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Computer Science

Year 1 Computer Science

Our computing lessons are based on the Rising Stars computing scheme of work.

Autumn Term

We are treasure Hunters- The boys will program a toy to move around a map to find buried treasure. They will start by thinking of algorithms for their routes, then input these as stored programs for the robot. They will predict how the robot will move and will debug their programs.

We are celebrating – The boys will have the opportunity to create a digital greetings card. During the process they will develop basic keyboard skills, through typing and formatting text develop basic mouse skills, use the web to find and select images, develop skills in storing and retrieving files, develop skills in combining text and images, discuss their work and think about whether it could be improved.

Spring Term

We are TV Chefs –  Working in small groups the boys will produce short videos of one of them being a chef making a healthy meal or snack. Others in the group will be a camera operator (using an Ipad) or the “Autocue.” They will have the opportunity to learn how to break down a process into simple, clear steps, as in an algorithm, use different features of a camera, use a camera to capture moving images, develop collaboration skills, discuss their work and think about how it could be improved. 

We are painters- This unit will enable the boys to create digital pictures to illustrate a story, nursery rhyme or poem. They will have the opportunity to: use the web safely to find ideas for an illustration,  use a paint program on a laptop, select and use appropriate painting tools to create and change images on the computer, understand how this use of ICT differs from using paint and paper, create an illustration for a particular purpose, know how to save, retrieve and change their work, reflect on their work and act on feedback received.

Summer Term

We are collectors- The boys will use web search engines to collect pictures of different types of animals and then explore ways in which those pictures can be organised. During this unit they will find and use pictures on the web, know what to do if they encounter pictures that cause concern, group images on the basis of a binary (yes/no) question, organise images into more than two groups according to clear rules, sort (order) images according to some criteria ask and answer binary (yes/no) questions about their images.

We are story tellers- In this unit the boys will create a talking book that they can share with others. It will enable them to: use sound recording equipment to record sounds, develop skills in saving and storing sounds on the computer, develop collaboration skills as they work together in a group, understand how a talking book differs from a paper-based book, talk about and reflect on their use of ICT,  share recordings with an audience.