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Year 1 Art

Autumn Term

We will begin by looking at the work of the artist Mondrain. The boys will then create their own masterpieces in his style using a variety of tools and techniques. This will include printing, collage, ruler work, the use of a painting program on a laptop. Painting and fine motor skills will be developed. The boys will learn how to create darker and lighter shades of a primary colour. They will experiment with different graded pencils in preparation to create an illustration for the book “The lion who wanted to love.” Using pastels and charcoal they will create a scene depicting the Great Fire of London. We will also look at the technique of painting with scissors by recreating Matisse’s famous “Snail” on a large scale as a class using collage. The boys will then create their own animal pictures using the same technique. 

Spring Term

Following on from our work on Matisse in the autumn term the boys will have the opportunity to work with clay to create 3 dimensional models of snails. The scene in his famous “Gold Fish” painting will be recreated in the classroom and the boys will create their own version following step by step instructions to draw in pastel and then paint in appropriate colours. 

Drawing skills will be developed when carrying out observational drawings of deciduous trees. Painting skills will be developed when the boys chose appropriate sized brushes to paint the different parts of a tree and appropriate tools to paint snow on branches and the ground. 

The work of Rousseau will also be explored. Using paint, pastels and collage the boys will create their own rainforest scene without being able to use green paint! 

Art work associated with the Mexican festival of “Day of the dead” will also be studied and recreated using a variety of tools and materials. 

Summer Term

The work of Croatian artist Ivan Rabuzin will be our focus to discover the Naïve style of painting. The boys create paintings by using a layering technique. They will print with cotton buds, bubble wrap, textures sponge rollers, lego etc and mix and use their own shades of paint in a single colour to  produce flowers similar to Rabuzin’s “Red pot” + “Tiny Red.” 

We will create our own “Selfies” in the style of Sandra Silberzweig learning about colour wheels and analogous colours along the way! The patterns used in the art of the ancient Greeks will also be explored and recreated.