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Headmaster Assembly

Today was a momentous day as we finally held physical assemblies again at a social distance. For Mr Pietrek who started in September 2019, he spoke about how last Summer Term was lost and he missed out on all the fantastic and fun things that take place in a Summer Term and all the wonderful things the boys have to look forward to this Summer Term.  

Following the death of HRH Prince Phillip, Mr Pietrek reflected about the news and he discussed about making memories and historical or personal moments in our lives that have been imprinted with us. Where we were when we found out certain news or the smells or clothes that linked to a certain memory. All of these play a part in our lives and history. 

He has set the boys a challenge to create their own memories this Summer Term. Whether it be an accomplishment or a moment shared with a peer, he wants them to find one, be aspirational and to think outside the box. 

The past year has taught us how to be resilient but this Summer Term is all about personal discovery and achievement and to have fun.