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World Book Week 2020

Thorpe House celebrated World Book Week and we took part in a variety of activities to explore the marvel of books. On Monday, Mr Correia delivered an assembly to Pre-Prep and Prep explaining the week’s activities. This was followed by a Kung-Fu punctuation workshop, firstly for Years 3 and 4 and then to Years 1 and 2. It’s a wonderfully kinesthetic way to remember to punctuate.

Many thanks to Mrs Sirdeshpande (Ishaan in Year 1), our very own parent author, who spent the afternoon in Pre-Prep inspiring the boys to become writers of their very own books! The Year 2 boys loved working with Nursery boys and the Reception and Year 1 boys collaborated happily too.

On Wednesday, we were pleased to welcome a local author, called Andy Huxtable, who shared his first published book, ‘Charlie Ant: The Cake’, with the boys in Assembly. Copies can be purchased via Amazon. Year 2 enjoyed reviewing this super story in class afterwards.

All through the week during English sessions, Prep boys wrote sections of a story based on the book character, costumes and the objects that they were bringing into school. Year 3 kicked off the story before passing it onto Year 4 who continued it, Year 5 then took on the mantle before Year 6 wrote the ending. The story was then read out in book celebration assembly this afternoon.

As a final celebration of all things reading, years Nursery to 8 had a ‘Drop Everything And Read’ session. All the boys and teachers, put everything aside for 40 minutes and read their books.