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Virtual Education

Our doors may be closed to our boys but that has not stopped Thorpe House School delivering virtual education during these unprecedented times as it is essential to keep continuity of learning for all ages. We have received lots of videos and photos from families of the boys working hard at home and some fantastic comments from parents. We would like to thank all of the boys, staff and parents on pulling together through this difficult time and we look forward to opening our doors again as soon as we can.

We wanted to send a huge THANK YOU and CONGRATULATIONS following the delivery of today’s lessons in the virtual Thorpe House classroom. The planning and execution of teaching in the new virtual world has today been outstanding. I know you have all been under immense pressure to re-write the delivery of the curriculum, to make sure that the boys have access and know what to do and how to behave, and to then deliver this from school and home depending on each teacher’s circumstances. To say it went seamlessly for us is an understatement. Additionally, the follow-up email this evening to make sure tomorrow is better than today is a masterclass in excellence of delivery. I am sure there will be challenges along the way, but you have just come sprinting out of the gates.
Thank you again for all your hard work.
Year 10 Parent


Thank you for all the hard work that has happened over the past week to get the virtual school working.  I feel that it is going very well and James is engaging well with the classes. It also gives much needed structure to the week, which I am finding much harder than with my daughter who is at a state primary and was just sent home with a printed pack; I’m having to put in place our own timetable with plenty of disagreements along the way!  I like the lessons every day; I think it’s important that the boys touch base and engage with their teachers and a structured day is something they are used to. 
Year 7 Parent


As a parent, who is not confident on computers, I was very worried about homeschooling. However, the effort of Thorpe has made with the communication of how to complete and then provide excellent online lessons has been incredible.
Year 9 Parent


Thank you to you all for continuing to provide such great lessons for the boys in extremely difficult circumstances. We never thought we’d see anything like this in our lifetime!
Year 7 Parent


I just want to take this opportunity to say thank you for all your PE videos and interaction with the boys, your efforts have been Amazing! 
Year 10 Parent


A rollercoaster of a few days for the whole country, however, Thorpe’s Virtual School has allowed for a seamless transition from Friday. Well done to you and your team! 
Year 8 Parent


Just to say what a fantastic effort made by Thorpe House staff to run today’s lessons remotely. Extremely impressed that it ran for the whole day. He really enjoyed it.
Year 7 Parent


Big thumbs up from us here, Thankyou and well done for your hard work. He really enjoyed the education, with the bonus of having his cat sitting next to him! It all worked very slickly for us.
Year 7 Parent


Having a son, in both a state and private school. I can really see the difference, Thorpe has continued to provide my son with amazing academic and pastoral help. 
Year 9 Parent


Thank you for all the support you have given our boys to continue their education, a first-class education continues.
Year 5 Parent


Home schooling at the highest level.
Year 6 Parent


We are very thankful for the “virtual school” online provision that your team have put in place, to ensure that the boys education can continue.  We are in no doubt as to the extraordinary effort, co-ordination and hard work this must have taken to organise and set-up and you have done this brilliantly and at speed.  The provision you have put in place via Google is very impressive and it is great that the lessons can be streamed live, enabling the boys to maintain contact with their teacher and friends.  The commitment of your teachers is a credit to the school.
Year 7 Parent 


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Open Day – Autumn Term 2020

We are delighted to introduce small group tours at our Autumn Open Mornings. Please make sure you book your place in advance here

Saturday 10th October - Whole School 10am - 1pm

Tuesday 13th October- Whole School 9am- 11am

Tuesday 10th November - Lower School with Reception focus 9am-11am