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Reception Trip to Science Museum

On Friday 28th February, the Reception class took their curiosity to London Town, to enrich their study of ‘Transport’ at ‘The Science Museum’.

The boys travelled in style by minibus, which they were quick to point out was in fact a Mercedes! On arrival they charmed everyone with their excellent manners, enthusiasm and smart uniform (we are always so proud to show them off!).

They attended a fabulous workshop in which they travelled to the International Space Station! They studied materials needed for spacesuits, launched rockets with air power, experimented with light and mirrors, and took part in an investigation, in which they filtered contaminated water, understanding that water is a valuable commodity for space travellers.

The boys visited the Transport exhibitions and were delighted by all that they saw! They examined hot air balloons, aeroplanes and thought that man’s early attempts at flight were both amusing and dangerous. They were very interested in the first Ford car and the old horse-drawn mail coach. They showed such awe and wonder in everything, delighting tourists and museum staff with their enthusiasm.


Finally, they had playtime in the Science Museum’s Learning Garden. Among myriad opportunities, they played with pulleys, experimented with water and had fun with the ever-popular Lego.

As always, Reception were a pure delight to take on a trip; to witness such joy and fascination in learning is always magical. A great day was had by all.


By Natasha Doran

Head of Pre-Prep