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Quiz National Championships 2020

With more than 400,000 Key Stage 2 children taking part each year, the Quiz National Championships are the largest Inter-School competitions in the country. Momentous events in history, geography, art, music and literature, science, cultures from around the world, current affairs and world knowledge all feature in the quizzes and help to broaden the children’s understanding of our past, present and future.

The Area Heat was held at Davenies and was hosted by a professional Quizmaster. The show was projected to a huge screen and the boys used a personal wireless handset to select their answers.On screen scoring after every five questions made it incredibly exciting for the teams and audience.

The quiz comprised 40 multiple choice general knowledge questions and there was a wide range of difficulty levels. The boys were able to confer on and answer every question using their handsets. General knowledge is not the only factor and tactical answering to gain maximum points feature heavily.

Out of eighteen teams, the boys placed ninth and should be very proud of their achievement.