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Lower School Christmas Play

All of the years are working hard on their parts for Thorpe House’s Lower School Christmas play, practicing to be the best of the best when we film the production.  But remember, I can’t spoil it!  

Reception, year 1 and year 2, well… they’re doing a nativity about Mary, Joseph and the miraculous birth of baby Jesus (just missing the disco dancing donkey!). For year 3, they’re doing an Irish dance. It looks like the one most people think of: namely sticking your legs up in the air and prancing around like Christmas gazelles. As for year 4, well they’re going to be cub scouts marching around, singing their traditional songs and telling the story of how the scouts came together.

Finally, year 5 (the best year obviously!) have a Christmas themed rock star show with leather jackets, sunglasses and even some fake tattoos! There’s also a chat with the cleaners, who may or may not be nice after last year’s unfortunate incident…