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House Music Competition

A highlight of our first half-term was a fantastic House music competition for our instrumental soloists. There ended up being over 30 performers ranging from Year 2 all the way up to year 11, 15% of all our boys in these years. For many, it was the first time they had performed to an audience as a soloist, yet you wouldn’t have known it and the confidence that they showed belied the nerves they must have been feeling. 

The competition was broken down into three events – the Lower School, Middle School and Upper School competitions and all were fiercely contested by some wonderful performances. 

Julius (Y4) played a very cool ‘Blues in the attic’ by Nick Iles on the piano to win Junior competition with Miles (Y7) following up with victory in the Middle School with a riveting performance of ‘No one Knows’ on the drums. The gauntlet had been thrown down for the Upper School competition to deliver another strong performance and Aryaman (Y9), playing Vivaldi’s A Minor violin concerto, duly delivered with a spell binding performance.

It was an outstanding afternoon and all the boys who took part are to be congratulated on their performances.

The overall winner of the House competition was Tudor. Although they did not win any of the categories outright, they had a fantastic showing of pupils from their House and that is what a House event is all about.