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Harvest Festival


Thorpe House Lower School celebrated a happy and thoughtful Harvest Festival under God’s magnificent skies, rather than in our usual venue, the church. Our families were absolutely magnificent in their generosity, with a delicious and nutritious haul of canned and dried foodstuffs for ‘The London and Slough Run’, a charity which is close to our hearts. ‘The London and Slough Run’ was established in 1984 to support the homeless and people in need along the distribution points, situated on the streets of London to Slough. 

It was wonderful to hear from the driver that Covid-19 has enabled housing for so many of their contacts; many who have now been enabled to gain employment due to having an address; Covid was in actual fact a blessing to many of the homeless. The community was able to be assessed properly and have their individual needs met, since they were united in hotel housing.

The Lower School boys were delightful in their assembly, during which boys sang in ‘Bubble Choirs’ and shared prayers and readings for those much less fortunate than them. The high point was the ‘HARVEST’ spelling game; much fun was had by all, but the deep message of living alongside a community who need our help was very much in evidence throughout. 

It was wonderful to celebrate this important tradition and I thank our Lower School parents for their amazing generosity, and the boys for their kindness and care, which will go far on the ‘London to Slough’.