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Brand New Learning Garden

We are delighted with our beautiful ‘Learning Garden’ in the Pre-Prep area of Lower School. It facilitates the all-important ‘learning through play’ essential to boys in Early Years.  

All areas of learning are addressed to inspire curiosity in our smallest boys. The boys love making perfect tunes on the giant percussion instruments, hand-made by our own Music teacher, Mrs Gaby Resinger, and playing the individual bells and triangles on the music rack. 

They can experiment in the water area, which includes a large tray and separate pump; and Science continues as they investigate speed and velocity with the cars and balls on free-standing, moveable drainpipes. 

Maths is all-important on our giant Numicon wall, where the boys recognise numbers through shape and colour; a perfect tool to enable quick number bond recall. 

Imagination and creativity are satisfied in the twigwamcastle, with myriad books to share with friends; or by donning a hard hat and playing builders at the wooden tool bench.  

Through the door in the twigwam fence, boys can explore their writing at picnic tables, next to the raised beds, from which flowers and vegetables shall grow in spring.  

It’s the perfect sun-spot and a great hit with our little ones. When curiosity requires time to stop and stare, the rainbow bunting flutters in the breeze; birds feed at the bird table; the boys can see the wind’s movement in the seaside windmills, while listening to the delicate melody of the dragon windchimes.  

What a happy and colourful place to learn. 

Next stop: ‘The Covered Highway’!