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The Inn-spectors

A Five Star Nativity

By Nikki Lewis

It is census time in Bethlehem and the inn-spectors have been sent in to check that all the accommodation is up to scratch. They are horrified to discover that at one of the inns some visitors have been put in the stable and a baby has been born amongst the animals! A stable is no place for visitors and their newborn baby, and, it really is a health and safety nightmare  – It will not do at all! However, as Mary, Joseph and the donkey tell their story and the special visitors explain the good news, the inn-spectors realise that this is no ordinary baby and they declare that the stable is fit for a King!

 This tale, told by all the children of Pre Prep,  really captured the beauty and majesty of the nativity story. The boys prepared for this holy time of year with fun filled rehearsals which culminated in several energetic performances. They relished their time on stage and made us all very, very, very proud.