PHSE and Citizenship

At Thorpe House every boy has a timetabled lesson of PSHE and Citizenship each week; the curriculum is delivered by the form tutor in the Prep Department and by a subject teacher from in the Senior Department.

A programme of subjects is drawn up for each year group, often centring on a specific theme. Subjects can be repeated in later years as the needs, understanding and the maturity of the students develop. If the class tutor feels the need to address a current theme or trend for example, healthy eating or the effects of the recession, then this is encouraged. The sessions take the form of class discussions, interactive teaching activities and informative videos. Boys are also encouraged to do personal research and make presentations thus team work and communication skills are developed and encouraged.

By the time the boys have reached the Senior Department their confidence and positive teacher-student relationships mean they are more secure in talking about adolescent issues and making suggestions of topics they feel should be discussed. Alongside the timetabled lessons, assemblies, talks from visiting speakers and tutor monitoring help to develop pupils to meet the objectives of the PSHE curriculum and encourage boys to take an active part in being model citizens.

The aims of the curriculum are:

To foster awareness in the pupils that prevention is better than cure and supply information relating to the possible effects on their health of smoking, drugs, lack of physical exercise and an unbalanced diet.

To enhance self-esteem so that pupils can make choices based on knowledge and not peer pressure.

To promote British values.

To promote a healthy lifestyle, taking into account the many influences on the individual pupil such as family, community, peer group and the media.

To provide accurate information about health and safety matters and encourage pupils to make informed choices.

To develop pupils to move into the world as good citizens, with knowledge of the law and justice system.

To give eta-i.org/valium.html pupils the skills to make informed decisions in their lives with regards further education, jobs, careers and money by preparing them for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences they will come across as they progress into adulthood.

There is also a sex education element to the curriculum which aims to:

Meet the needs of all the pupils through the provision of a balanced, comprehensive and co-ordinated curriculum within which teaching about personal relationships and sexuality can occur.

Encourage communication by providing an acceptable vocabulary for discussing sexual matters without causing embarrassment or offence.

Provide accurate and appropriate information at each stage in a pupil’s development and to assist all pupils in understanding their own and others’ physical, sexual and emotional selves.

Provide this information within a moral framework and to foster confidence, respect and a sense of responsibility to self and others.

Enable pupils to develop an understanding of the responsibilities of partnership, parenthood and the value of family life.

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