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Scholarships & Bursaries


The school offers a bursary for each year group equivalent to 100% of fees which can be awarded to more than one candidate in that year. Once awarded and subject to annual reassessment of his parents’ financial situation, the recipient will retain the bursary until he leaves the school.

Thorpe House School offers means-tested bursaries from reception to year 11. If the award for the year group has not already been granted to the value of 100%, then the bursary can be applied for at any point in time. Bursary places are awarded to boys who can meet the standard entrance requirements as detailed in our admissions policy and whose parents can show through a means test that they are not in the position to pay full fees. The school uses the services of a third party organisation, Bursaries Administration Limited or BAL, who assess the data provided on the application form and conduct an interview with the family.

A candidate can be awarded up to a maximum of 50% reduction in fees. The annual bursary assessments are held during the Spring term preceding entry at the start of the academic year in September.


For outstanding pupils, we offer a variety of scholarships; the Lower School scholarship assessment takes place in November and the Upper School scholarship assessment in November preceding entry to the school.

To apply for a scholarship you must fill in a registration form and either tick the scholarship box on the online registration form or make a note in the comments section of the hard copy. You will then be contacted by our Registrar who will confirm dates and times.

Lower scholarships

This is a 50% academic scholarship awarded at Year 3 and subject to continued satisfactory effort and standard of work will be retained until the end of Year 6. Assessment is made through sitting a verbal reasoning test, a maths paper, an English paper and a reading age test. The syllabus for the subject papers is the Key Stage 1 syllabus and to gain a full 50% scholarship a candidate would be expected to gain A grades on the written papers and standardised scores in excess of 130 in verbal reasoning and reading.

Upper scholarships

Scholarships are available at the start of Year 7 open to boys moving up from Year 6 and to those joining the school from other primary schools. Subject to continued satisfactory effort and standard of work, the scholarships will be retained until the end of Year 11.

Academic scholarships are awarded to pupils who have the potential to gain at least six A* passes at GCSE. Assessment is made through a maths paper, an English paper, a science paper and an interview. The syllabus for the subject papers is the Key Stage 2 syllabus.

Scholarships are also available for art, performing arts and sport up to 50% and awarded to pupils who show the most outstanding flair in these areas:

Art, performing arts and sport candidates must sit the same tests as the academic scholarship candidates, but they are not expected to reach the same level of achievement on those papers. However a scholarship will not be awarded to a boy who scores less than 60% in the entrance assessment.

Art: Boys entering for this scholarship are expected to bring a portfolio of work with them on the day of the assessment, showing work done in at least four different media. This will be returned at the end of the following week. Boys awarded an art scholarship would be expected to study art at GCSE.

Arts: In music boys entering for this scholarship will be expected to have reached Associated Board Grade 4 standard (or equivalent) on their main instrument or voice and Grade 1 standard on a second. They will be asked to audition on both instruments and would be expected to study music at GCSE.

In drama boys would be expected to have reached a minimum standard of LAMDA Grade 3. Boys are asked to perform a practical audition where they would perform two monologue pieces lasting no longer than two minutes each. Boys awarded a drama scholarship would be expected to study drama at GCSE.

Sport: Boys should be able to produce evidence of involvement in sport at a high level, for instance having attended County trials or having gained a high level of achievement in County or National competitions. They should also be able to show evidence of having regularly been involved in two different sports at a competitive level. Boys will be required to show their fitness and co-ordination. Boys awarded a sporting scholarship would be expected to study PE at GCSE and represent the school in all fixtures they are selected for.

Scholarship conditions

In the event of a candidate not quite meeting the standards we are looking for, we will often award scholarships worth less than the full 50%. In those circumstances, we may offer a second scholarship to another candidate so that the total award for the year group is 50%. We will award scholarships to boys entering Year 9 if the scholarships in that year group are not already held by other boys but we do not do this in any other year groups.

Sibling Discounts

For families not in receipt of other discounts, the School offers a 5% reduction on termly fees to the younger sibling of the pupil attending the School.  The discount will be applied for the duration of the elder sibling’s education at Thorpe House.

If more than 2 siblings attend the School, a further discount of 2.5% off fees will be offered to each younger sibling.

Scholarships & BursariesScholarships & BursariesScholarships & BursariesScholarships & BursariesScholarships & Bursaries