Seeds from outer space!


The experiment is over and Year 2 have predicting which seeds were from space (for the earlier video scroll down)!

How it all began back in April…..

It’s the day Miss Mercer and Year 2 have been waiting for…’s time to plant the ‘space seeds’ that have previously been stored in space by Tim Peake before their recent return to earth.

We have been sent one red and one blue packet of 100 seeds; Mr Jenkin’s class are planting the blue packet and Miss Mercer’s the red packet. One contains seeds that have travelled to space and the other contains seeds that have remained here on Earth. Over the next month having sewn the seeds in window sill seed trays, we will monitor the differences/ similarities in plant growth for each type of seed.

As you can imagine, the boys (and staff!) are incredibly excited; how many of us can say we have planted seeds which have been handled by the first British ESA astronaut?