Remembering Brance Burbridge

On Thursday the 10th of November myself, Mr Plunkett and the Senior Head Boy, James Wakefield set off on a trip to honour the World War 2 pilot Branse Burbridge.

Branse Burbridge was named best British fighter pilot in World War 2. He shot down 21 planes during the war and at first, I thought the British must have been bad pilots until I realised that they didn’t have fancy heat seeking missiles and only skill to keep them alive.

During one encounter, Branse went head to head with a German pilot, but what shocked me most was that he had tea with the man afterwards as he hadn’t shot at the cockpit of the German plane. I was also surprised to learn how little Branse talked about the war and how he refused to be proud of the things he achieved during this time.
When we arrived at the church we watched a series of slides until the vicar stood at the front and welcomed us. Next, we said a prayer and all 6 of Brance’s grandchildren and his daughter came up to the front and made a small speech about him. They talked about how he was gentle and always loved to paint and joke using funny facial expressions. He also loved music and was always either tapping or humming under his breath. He loved to spend time with his grandchildren and would often spend hours drawing with them.

Sadly, even though he loved music he lost the ability to speak. I felt very sad when I heard this but my mood was lightened when they said that even with the inability to speak, he continued to paint and still made his grandchildren laugh using funny facial expressions. I found out that he was not just a fighter, but a joker, a painter, and a hummer.

Despite missing a morning of school, I was really pleased I had been chosen with James to take part in this service of remembrance.

Jasper Fox, Prep Head Boy (Year 6)