Inspiring visit by the CEO of Dominos Europe!

This morning Pre-Prep had a visit from Mr Rennie, the CEO of Dominos, Europe.

Mr Rennie delivered an inspiring assembly with a powerful message: if you work very hard, save your money and invest it wisely, you will live well and be able to help others; if you meet with disappointment and even disaster, learn from it and grow. Mr Rennie encouraged every boy to think about what they would like to be when they grow up and to write their goal down; if they do this they may well achieve it!

He presented every boy – and the teachers – with a white piggy bank, to enable further reflection on the subject of success, and to start saving their pocket money, by doing chores at home! The boys understand that their life’s journey has already begun and they are, even now, planting the seeds for their future. Thank you, Mr Rennie, for giving up your time to share your story with us.

Mrs Doran