GCSE results 2019

Coming to collect one’s first set of public exam results is a rite of passage and opens the eyes of young people to a whole new world. All of a sudden it hits you that it really does matter how much effort you put into your studies and hopefully the results reflect the sweat, toil and dedication that you have put into school up to that moment in time. It is from this point on that opportunities can start to open up before you and it can be an exciting time.

The benchmark for GCSEs has been raised again this year. It is the first year where all subjects are now using the new 1-9 grades and it is fantastic to see a number of our boys at Thorpe House attaining 9s in their exams; particular recognition must go to Torin Allen, Lucas Giandinoto, Haytham Murad, Kian Noursargh and Wiehann Van Wyk, all of whom achieved five or more grades at 7-9 which is an exceptional accomplishment. The old grade C is now a 4 and the pupils have achieved 87% of all grades at this level and higher (with 19.1% at 7-9).

The Science department have delivered particularly strong results with 34.6% of grades at 7-9 and Alex Jennings impressing with straight 9s in all of the sciences. Art also excelled with 50% of grades 7-9 and the RS department with 36%.

A new adventure now awaits the boys who will be looking forward to continuing their studies at a number of prestigious schools following their time at Thorpe House. It is always sad to see the boys go but, as ever, we wish them well and we are confident that their education here has prepared them well for the next stage of their education. They leave us as confident and capable young men and we will look forward to hearing about their continued success in the future.