Eyes are on the top job……..

Mr Potts (Remi in Year 3) was our Headmaster for the day yesterday and what a time he had!

When I arrived at school I came into the office and met my PA and she gave me a pen and a lanyard.

My first job was to check that parents weren’t parking on the zig-zag yellow lines. I then had a meeting with Mrs Beeny at 8:50; we had coffee (well I didn’t) and discussed the Prep Department and what was happening in each year.

Then Mrs Tyler brought in the post and I had to sign all the letters for all the parents and other schools. I used a special pen from Mr Ayres. Next we had a little tour of the Pre-Prep classes, when I came in the children had to stand up. I had to check the teachers and the children were working really hard.

Next I had a playground duty and then had cookies in my office with my friend Mr Slater, he loved the cookies and so did Mr Wells! After a busy lunch I answered the phone in the office and had 2 phone calls, one about parents’ evening and the other about someone moving here who wanted their daughter to come to the school and I had to tell them that Thorpe House was just for boys.

I had to lead Junior assembly after lunch and because it’s national compliments day I read a poem about kind words and everybody clapped. In the afternoon I did some paperwork before I led Senior assembly. This was a very good day and I loved being Headmaster.

Watch out Mr Ayres, someone has their eyes on your job….