Descubriendo Malaga y Granada con estudiantes de Thorpe House!

On 12th February a small group of Spanish and art students in Years 10 and 11 set off to Malaga, Spain to improve their language skills, cultural and artistic knowledge of Malaga. During the first day we travelled to the Alhambra in Granada, where we explored the vast palace and fortress complex which was amazingly preserved since it dated back to 889 AD. This helped us to understand the history of the area, and also enabled the art students to gather pictures and sketches for their GCSE course work. Alhambra was filled with interesting patterns and architecture.

In the evenings, the group would go their separate ways and try out different restaurants along the seafront, exploring traditional Spanish cuisine and experimenting with ordering and paying for food in Spanish. This proved to be one of our favourite activities and the Spanish students’ confidence grew the more they communicated with the local people and even the art students managed to learn the odd Spanish phrase!

During the weekdays the Spanish students would spend their mornings in the local language school, Malaga Plus, where they would work in smaller groups to listen and learn from different teachers through fun activities such as going to the supermarket and asking to buy different items in Spanish. At all times, the teachers would be speaking in Spanish, and at first the students struggled to follow but within a few days they got to grips with translating on the spot, which will later help with their listening GCSE exams!

While the Spanish students were at school, the art students went to a variety of galleries around the centre of Malaga, including the centre of Contemporary Art, the Picasso Museum (as Malaga was his home town) and the new contemporary art museum, the Pompidou, which was located in the new dock in the centre of Malaga. In each of the museums the students were able to collect a variety of images and ideas for their sketchbooks and also do some artwork themselves, working from extra-ordinary artists such as Picasso himself!

All the boys on the trip thoroughly enjoyed their time in Malaga, and we would like to thank the Spanish department, Mrs Del Arco and Mrs McLelland and also the Head of Art, Mr Tomlinson for their fantastic planning throughout the whole trip. It was an amazing experience and we all learned so much!

James Wakefield 10KAS