Dangerous Week for Boys 2018

Dangerous Week for Boys isn’t just about fire, big bangs, cool science experiments and creepy crawlies – though it’s one of the reasons we love DW4B – it’s about challenging the boys to try something new, something that perhaps scares them or they don’t think they have the skills to do. For example, sleeping out in the open air (no tents allowed), climbing the heights at Nets Kingdom, working as a team to beat the opposition in tug-o-war, trusting your partner in a blind obstacle course, climbing a really tall tree or caving through a pitch black caving system. Regardless of the activity, we watched our boys rise to the challenge again and again. And although they are not sitting at their desks learning their times tables, French verbs or quadratic equations, they are learning new skills, to be resilient and to face new challenges head on.