Celebrating the end of Prep in Bude, Cornwall!

Bude has possibly been the best week of my life. I loved and enjoyed every part of it. Every day was packed full of fun and adventurous activities as well as delicious meals and time spent roaming the centre making mature decisions that will help us in the future to do the right thing for ourselves without people guiding us. The trip has been great for helping us develop our independence. Also we can now use money without wasting it or buying too many sweets.

On Monday morning we arrived at school at 6.15am and left at 6.30am. We got to the centre at roughly 12 o’clock in the afternoon at the right time to have lunch. Then we headed out for our first activities – rock climbing and abseiling. The climbing wall was situated on the side of the building. We were connected with a harness and rope and the wall was split into sections for different abilities. Then we had 3 hours free time until bedtime at 10.00pm.

Every morning we woke up at 7.00am and had to do either a morning run or swim. Straight after that we went for breakfast which was widely varied every day. Tuesday was a day we were looking forward to a lot – surfing and kayaking. We all had wetsuits for surfing that were really tight fitting and uncomfortable. The waves weren’t very big so we didn’t surf as well as we might have done with bigger waves. Kayaking was great fun. We played many games and splashed each other and some boats capsized. For the evening activity there was a basketball competition.

Wednesday started with mountain biking. We cycled down to the field where we had to face different challenging tracks and get to the end. The tracks got harder and many of us were falling over! After lunch we got back to our instructor for the next activity, caving. The caves were tunnels going all through the centre. We went inside in a random order and got out at the next hotel and had to connect ourselves together with rope and complete the cave. When we reached the end we took apart the rope and got in a long tunnel. We had to sort ourselves out into alphabetical order. We really loved it!

On Thursday we got back into our wetsuits for body boarding. The waves were much bigger than before. Already knowing the rules of the sea we got straight in and the waves carried us all the way back to shore. We all agreed that body boarding was the best activity. After lunch we had team trials where we had to work together to complete different challenges. The best one was a big slide that sent you into a tank of water. It was freezing! We then went into town and the shop everyone wanted to visit was the sweet shop.

On the last day (Friday) it was canoeing with 3 people per boat, 1 to steer, the other 2 to row the canoe forwards. I was in a boat with Sammy and Toby. It was similar to kayaking and we played the same games. After that half of us went mountain boarding and the other half went back to the centre. Mountain boarding was great, like skateboarding but with off-road wheelies and going downhill. Sadly we left Bude but it will always be a week I remember.

Rocco Fattouki 6KS