A Spanish excursion!

Year 4 visited the Europa Centre on Wednesday 8th February. When we arrived we met one of the tutors, Elisa who was from Madrid. She only spoke Spanish to us! There were three other teachers, two from South America and one from Mexico. The centre was set up like a little town with a bank, café and market stall. We learned a lot of Spanish words like aeropuerto, agencia de viajes, farmacia, zumo de naranja and lots more. We all loved the shops and one of our favourites was the clothes shop where you got to dress up. We had to speak Spanish throughout the trip which was quite hard. We had a great time, though. Here are some comments from us: amazing, great, perfect, excellent, fun, nice people, spectacular, great and everyone loved it especially the puppet show at the end. 

Shail Balu (Year 4)