A rather unusual, but fun learning tool!

There was a feeling of great excitement at Pre-Prep today as the much anticipated ‘mud kitchen’ was officially opened! Situated in the outdoor learning area of the EYFS classrooms and constructed of two sinks and decking the boys needed little encouragement to don an apron and start cooking up a mud storm.

The concept of mud kitchens isn’t new and playing with mud is something most children will have done by the time they can crawl. As a learning tool however it is exciting and many schools are now adopting an outdoor approach to learning with mud kitchens, forest schools and outdoor classrooms. Mud kitchens specifically give younger children a creative place to learn, explore and have fun. They encourage children to work together (‘let’s cook dinner’, ‘this is our restaurant, what would you like to eat?’) and they help with problem solving (‘how can we make these mud balls stick together’, ‘how can we make this pasta sauce thicker?’) Outside play is also a great stress reducer and it’s been shown that when children are relaxed they learn better!

Pre-Prep are certainly enjoying the excuse to get muddy!