A day of cultures!

What a Day, what a success! Friday 30th September saw the Senior Department, Year 6 boys and staff celebrate a Day of Cultures.

The Senior boys enthusiastically got involved in the graceful Brazilian Martial Art of Capoeira, while boys from Years 6, 7 and 8 passionately beat their drums to a Samba rhythm workshop!

Year 10 boys, led by Ben Langton and Amarveer Purewall, produced the 2nd issue of the language magazine, ‘El EQUIPO’. The £160 resulting from the sale of the magazines will go to PACE, a local charity that supports the education of children with sensory motor disorders.

Our talented kitchen staff put together a delicious Mexican lunch as well as providing French pains au chocolat.

Later in the day, form coordinators organised activities for their respective forms on different cultural aspects of a chosen country. For example, a Year 7 class listened to Anish, Millun and Sahit sharing their knowledge of India while enjoying tasty pakoras provided by Anish’s parents.

The day concluded with an inspirational assembly prepared by Ben Wober, Matthew Appleby and James Wakefield with great audience participation on the importance of embracing different cultures and languages.

We thank all the boys that supported the Languages and Music Departments for organising such a worthwhile event.

Señora Del Arco
Head of Spanish