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Academic Prowess

Thorpe’s GCSE results speak for themselves, they rival some of the best schools in the area. Throughout the middle school years, all boys' levels are tracked using baseline testing. Many of our boys are working a year ahead of where they might be expected to be compared to their peers. 

At Thorpe Middle School, academic achievement is hugely important however we also recognise the importance of boys possessing the skills to allow them not only to be “clever” but to have the tools to use this knowledge.  All boys are graded continually in 5 areas: 


“You can make anything by writing” (C.S. Lewis). The importance of being able to present and write with neatness is paramount for boys who are going on to need these skills for GCSE.    


“Every Success story is through hard work and revision”  (Richard Branson). In many schools knowledge through repetition is used primarily as the remembering information however, boys will be given help to revise in a variety of ways in Form time, PSHEE, drop down days from the curriculum and in-class monitoring will be used to allow boys to GCSE ready once entering Year 9. 

Class Contribution and organisation

“The important thing is to never stop questioning" (Albert Einstein). Quite simply, the more boys can question and seek answers the deeper their knowledge will go. This will be used to help boys who may be shy to target answering a question in lessons or to support stronger boys on what questions to ask to push them as learners. Also, we will track the boys' organisation.    

Pupil Presentation

“Being so good they can’t ignore you”  (Steve Martin). All aspects of pupils' outward presentation skills will be monitored; presentation in their books, presentation of themselves in terms of manners and dress and how they present themselves to others e.g. are they kind and helpful.   

Curiosity to Learn

“Curiosity is one of the most prominent and consistent characteristics of vigorous intellect”  (Samuel Johnson). We want all boys to think about not just why they need to know something but why do I need to know it? Why is that something is better than something else? What do I think? This mindset again is hugely important for life in the Upper School GCSEs and beyond.  

Boys scoring above the national average overall – 77.0%

Boys scoring above the national average in English – 79.31%

Boys scoring above the national average in maths – 75.86%

Boys scoring above the national average in science – 75.86%