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Lower School Curriculum

In the Lower School we put an emphasis on learning those key skills which will help the boys to progress at their own pace but we also give stretch and challenge across all areas of the curriculum and this means that different boys will excel in different areas so we are constantly adapting our curriculum dependent upon our cohort to develop a bespoke offering for each Year group.

Academically English, Maths and Science are at the forefront to ensure the boys develop those important skills. This however is not the end of the story, to enrich the curriculum we include Modern Foreign Languages (French or Spanish) from Year 1 in addition to computer science and ICT skills which are so important in this virtual world, the boys explore music as well as have the opportunity to take individual music lessons and our school choir is a popular club. In drama our nativity play is something to behold but usually results in many parents and staff shedding a tear. Forest school has been a great way for the boys to start to develop skills outside of the classroom including independent learning and self-confidence which is so important.

Please review our curriculum further by clicking on the specific year group you are interested in.