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Headmaster's Blog

My Silver DofE Experience

The Duke of Edinburgh awards are always an amazing time and have created some of the best memories I have of Thorpe. In our most recent expedition for our silver awards, my group of 6 strapping intrepid adventurers set out on a three-day journey, camping out on two nights, along the Kennet & Avon canal.

Although I could write for pages about angry swans, getting stuck in blackberry bushes or having to portage our boats for over 5 km, uphill in the pouring rain along a total of 30 locks, I’m not going to, because although those stories would certainly make for a funny read, I think it’d be more valuable to discuss my thoughts and feelings on ‘the DofE experience.’

To put it quite simply, I think it is one of the most important and impactful escapades any young person can take part in. This is because of the sheer effort required to complete certain sections, the independence thrust upon you and the maturity needed for it make the awards a truly unforgettable weekend. Not to mention the co-operation between each member of the group can really put relationships through their paces, forcing everybody to rely on each other, cementing, strengthening, making (or breaking!) many friendships.

In conclusion, at the end of my time doing Duke of Edinburgh I have become an improved, more well-rounded person, influencing me in my future pursuits, and I implore anybody and everybody to take part if given the chance.