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Headmaster's Blog

Headmaster's welcome

President Teddy Roosevelt said “No-one cares how much you know until they know how much you care”. At Thorpe House the starting point is for every pupil to understand that the motivation of the staff is to support every one of the boys to fulfil their potential and realise the success to which they should all aspire. We want to inspire in them a love for learning that is just the start of their journey in life.

We are a truly unique independent day school; small enough to value and know each individual and large enough to provide him with a rich and varied range of learning opportunities, inside and outside of the curriculum. We are also the only all-through boys’ school in Buckinghamshire taking boys from our Thorpe Explorers’ Nursery at age three through to their GCSEs at age 16.

The challenge that we present to every pupil at the beginning of the year is to embrace opportunities and discover those talents and skills that they may not yet have identified – it is the privilege of being a teacher to see the boys flourish as they recognise just what they can achieve! I would like to emphasise the focus on ‘challenge’ because that is the environment where boys really thrive and Thorpe House definitely offers a wealth of opportunities through a broad range of activities that will enable them to leave the school as confident individuals who will be the leaders in a global community.

To really appreciate the essence of the school, please do come and visit us to see what we can offer you and your son. At Thorpe House we look to offer more than an excellent education, it is an opportunity to be part of a family school and we look forward to welcoming you in the very near future.