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Aims and Values


At Thorpe House we pride ourselves on the nurturing environment we offer each and every boy, providing him with the support, care and learning experiences he needs to reach his academic, sporting and creative potential and be ready for tomorrow’s world. At the start of every year they are presented with the challenge of discovering something new about themselves; perhaps a hitherto undiscovered talent that we will do everything in our power to support and nurture.

We are also a school that puts community at the centre of whom we are. The Chinese philosopher Lao Tsu said that “To lead people, walk beside them”; our staff and pupils walk beside one another in their educational journey and it is through the relationships that we build that we cultivate our success as a school.

Looking to the future is core to whom we are and to encourage the boys to fully achieve all of which we believe them to be capable, we instil in them the belief that they can be, better today than yesterday, better tomorrow than today.’


Our vision is to create a centre of excellence for learning where our pupils are prepared for tomorrow's world. Teachers at Thorpe are passionate about delivering interactive lessons through a range of multi-media packages, ensuring that differentiated, practical learning activities are available to help consolidate and extend learning.