To enable your son's application to be processed, please complete all sections of the form and ensure you either post the non-refundable registration fee of £100 to the school office or pay it via BACS. If a place is subsequently offered it will be subject to parents signing the School / Parent Contract and to the information provided on this form being correct and without omissions.

Registration form

If you are emailing this form, please either post the non-refundable registration fee to the school office or pay it via BACS (our bank details are at the end of the registration form).  Please note that without the registration fee we cannot process your son’s application.

  • Registration payment will be made via:*
  • Full name of boy:*
  • Date of Birth:*
  • Date form completed:*
  • Country of birth:*
  • Nationality:*
  • Religion:*
  • Date of required entry*
  • Age and year group at entry:*
  • Name of present school:*
  • Any medical / allergy conditions?*
  • Any developmental problems?*
  • Have you any previous connection with the school?*
  • Please answer the following questions by checking:*Has your son:
    had any individual support following adoption of the SEN Code of Practice?
    been removed from the classroom for extra teaching support?
    been referred to an educational psychologist, speech therapist or behavioural optometrist?
    encountered any difficulties, including behavioural at any previous school?
    Is it possible that your son may need learning support?
  • If you checked any of the above, then please attach any relevant reports including IEPs*Upload
    • Do you wish to apply for a bursary:*
    • Do you wish to apply for a scholarship (Years 3, 7 and 9 only)?*
    • Further comments*
    • 18
    • Name of parent 1:*
    • Address:*
    • Postcode:*
    • Profession:*
    • Home Telephone:*
    • Work Telephone:*
    • Mobile Telephone:*
    • Email:*
    • 27
    • Name of parent 2:*
    • Address (if different):*
    • Postcode:*
    • Profession:*
    • Home Telephone:*
    • Work Telephone:*
    • Mobile Telephone:*
    • Email*
      I agree
    • 37

    In signing this registration form, parents accept the following conditions:

    The registration of a boy at Thorpe House is not a guarantee of a place. When the school is able to accept a boy, both parents / guardians are required to fill in an Acceptance Form agreeing to the terms and conditions as set out in the School/Parent Contract document. They also have to pay an entrance deposit to secure the place.

    Key points within the School / Parent contract:

    • All fees are payable in advance by the first day of each term. Overdue accounts attract a surcharge.
    • If a boy is to be removed from the school or withdrawn from the school list prior to entry, a full term’s notice in writing is required before the first teaching day of a new academic term.
    • The Headmaster of Thorpe House reserves the right to require the removal of a boy if, in his opinion, the interests of the school demand it.
    • Parents undertake to ensure punctual attendance of their sons at school. Parents seeking permission for a boy’s leave of absence during term time should write to the Headmaster. In the event of a boy’s illness during a term, the parents should telephone the school office as early as possible on the day.
    • Parents are asked to bring to the school’s attention:
      1. a change of home address, telephone number or e-mail address;
      2. a change of daytime contact telephone number;
      3. a change in family circumstances likely to significantly affect their son’s performance at school;
      4. an occasion when their son has been in contact with an infectious disease;
      5. any medical problem which might require special care or attention.

    By signing the School / Parent Contract, parents/guardians agree that their son will observe and be bound by the school’s rules. These are issued with the contract but certain key points are listed below:

    • Whilst boys of every nationality and creed are welcomed, the school’s religious affiliation is to the Church of England and as such the beliefs of the Anglican Church are upheld.  All boys are expected to attend assembly and to take part whole school collective worship.  Religious Studies lessons, which cover all world religions are compulsory.
    • P.E. lessons and major sports sessions are compulsory unless there are medical grounds for absence, notified in a letter from the parent.
    • The school provides lunch. Special dietary requirements can usually be catered for but the school cannot guarantee to offer alternative menus in all cases.
    • Boys at school are not allowed to buy, sell, swap or have large amounts of money. They are not allowed to bring food, sweets, toys or expensive items into school without special permission. Dangerous items such as knives, matches and lighters are expressly forbidden, as are cigarettes and non-prescription drugs. Boys below Year 9 are not allowed to bring mobile phones into the school unless permission has been previously granted and the phones are lodged in the school office throughout the day.
    • Good and bad behaviour are acknowledged by a system of rewards and sanctions
    • Whilst wearing school uniform, boys should consider themselves under school rules; these would disallow, for instance, eating or drinking in the streets.

    Although the school rules cannot cover every eventuality, they are written with the intention of ensuring safety and consideration for others. The rules are enforced firmly and fairly.

    All information on boys and their families held by the school is confidential. We will only pass on personal data to another school or educational authority when parents have accepted a place at a new school on leaving Thorpe House.

    Thorpe House bank details:

    Account Name: Thorpe House School Trust
    Sort Code: 30-13-30
    Account Number: 21944368
    IBAN: GB97 LOYD 3013 3021 9443 68

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