School Council

‘I love being a School Council rep because you get to come up with ideas to make our school even better and it’s lots of fun too!’
Year 6 School Councillor


To be elected a member of the school council is an honour at Thorpe House as it means you have been chosen by your peers to represent their views and in doing so, improve facilities at school.

Each term, the School Council is given an initiative to discuss with their class before coming up with ideas on how best to meet the initiatives requirements. When they have drawn up a list of ideas with their class, the school councillors meet with the Headmaster and petition him for what they believe is needed. In the past, school council has facilitated the election of Prep road safety officers who are working with Mr Plunket on improving the traffic flow before and after school and the purchase of playground equipment for both the Pre-Prep field and the Prep/Senior playground.

At the beginning of the school year, every boy is given the opportunity to be on the School Council; to do this they must prepare a speech to their class about what skills they can bring to the role and what they hope to achieve if they are elected. The boys relish the sense of competition that this brings, together with the challenge of coming up with a persuasive speech to win over their class mates! Once elected, each class will retain the same School Councillor and deputy until the end of the summer term.


‘I really enjoy working with the younger boys because I remember being in Year 2 and we always looked up to the older ones!’

Year 6 Reading Buddy


‘One of the best bits about being a house captain is that you feel proud because you have been chosen by your friends to help lead your house and you feel even more proud when your house wins something like sports day!

Year 6 house captain

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