A school steeped in history

Thorpe House School was founded in 1923 as a traditional boys’ prep school. The school opened on a site in The Queensway, just behind where main school is now.


The school moved into what is now, the main school building on Oval Way


The former Poet Laureate, John Betjeman, left Oxford after failing his divinity exams and spent the year as Cricket Master at Thorpe House.


1932 - 1951

In September, Charles Edward Averill takes over as proprietor and Headmaster.


1951 - 1978

Charles Edward Averill retires and his son, Charles Maurice Averill takes up the position of Headmaster.



In January, Kingscote was founded as the Pre-Prep School to Thorpe House accepting boys from age 5 to 7 years old and Peggy Morris (Head of the Prep Department at Thorpe House) is appointed Headmistress at Kingscote.



In September, Charles Maurice Averill retires as Headmaster but stays on as Bursar. Leighton Brunt is appointed as the new Headmaster.



In September, Peggy Morris retires as Headmistress at Kingscote and Mr Brunt’s wife, Rae Brunt takes over as the new Headmistress.



September sees Thorpe House School become a Charitable Educational Trust, but Kingscote remains a proprietorial school.


At the end of the school year, Leighton Brunt retires as Headmaster to take up an opportunity in Saudi Arabia and Jeremy Snow is appointed as the new Headmaster. Mr Brunt’s wife, Rae Brunt, retires as Kingscote Headmistress in April 1988 to join her husband and Joyce Bunce, a teacher at Kingscote, is appointed acting Headmistress. In September, Sally Tunstall, a Year 3 teacher at Thorpe House, is appointed as the new Kingscote Headmistress and remained so until her retirement in 2010.


At the end of the school year, Headmaster Jeremy Snow leaves to take up the Headship at St Andrews School in Pangbourne and his successor, John Scaife is appointed.



Four years later in December, John Scaife is appointed to the Headship at Parkside School in Surrey and Roger Pitblado is appointed acting Headmaster.



In April, Anthony Lock is appointed Headmaster at Thorpe House.


In January, Natasha Doran is appointed Head of Pre-Prep. In August, Thorpe House successfully purchases the field surrounding the Pre-Prep Department, securing it for future generations of Thorpe House boys to use. Anthony Lock retires as Headmaster and Terence Ayres is appointed Headmaster until July 2019.


In September 2019, Nicholas Pietrek was appointed new Headmaster of Thorpe House School. His vision for the school will be an exciting time for Thorpe House.

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