Headmaster’s welcome

Thorpe House School is a warm and vibrant school with over 90 years of experience as an excellent educational provider for boys. We are a truly unique independent day school; small enough to value and know each individual and large enough to provide him with a rich and varied range of learning opportunities, inside and outside of the curriculum.

We are the only all-through boys’ school in Buckinghamshire taking boys from Nursery at age three through to their GCSE’s at age 16. As a successful, approachable independent school specialising in boys’ education, we understand the ways in which boys learn and we genuinely treat each boy as an individual. We understand that boys will be boys and are often lively, opinionated, physical and competitive; we harness these qualities and produce well-educated, well-mannered and well-rounded, young men. Every boy at Thorpe House is unique, some are academics, some excel in sport and others in the performing arts; each boy is different and it is that difference that we nurture and value.

At Thorpe House, you buy into much more than a school; we have created a home from home that provides a caring environment in which each boy is treated in such a way that he feels secure and an important member of the whole school body, thus allowing his learning to flourish. Our boys are at the heart of our school and are taught traditional British values such as dignity and integrity, tolerance and compassion, self-respect and respect for others and to be resilient and confident, always giving of his best.

If you would like to discuss the possibility of your son joining us, please do not hesitate to contact us and experience for yourself why Thorpe House is the first choice for our parents and their sons.

I look forward to meeting you and your son in the near future.

Terence Ayres


Head Boy’s welcome

I, like other previous Head Boys am a ‘lifer’, meaning my school career started way back in nursery over 12 years ago. Thorpe House was the perfect start to my school career; the small class sizes were a comforting introduction to all the years that were to follow and meant I never felt left out. In addition to being taught by outstanding teachers, I also made lots of friends many of whom remain friends now.

One of the reasons I think I have been so happy at Thorpe is the way in which we are taught. All the teachers know who we are and as a result are able to tailor their teaching styles to suit each of us; what works for me might not work for my friends, but they help us to find out what works best for each of us.

Having reached Year 11 (the top of the school!) one of the challenges I am looking forward to is helping to implement the new whole school house system with my fellow Year 11 House Captains. The new system means boys will remain in the same house from Reception to Year 11, which I think will bring the school closer together and create an even stronger bond in the Thorpe House family.

Other challenges I am looking forward include finishing my GCSEs and taking part in the numerous school drama and music productions. These productions are a great way for boys to build up their confidence in front of an audience and work under pressure. I believe these are extremely important life skills which are useful when applying for further education and in the careers that will inevitably follow!

I’d like to end by saying I was truly honoured to be chosen as Head Boy this year. It is a great responsibility, and I look forward to working with my peers and Mr Ayres, our Headmaster, Mr Wells, Head of the Senior Department and all teaching staff to make Thorpe House an even better place to learn. It continues to be a pleasure being part of the Thorpe House family, the school has really made me the person I am today.

James Wakefield

Thorpe is a nurturing environment that promotes individuality and encourages the boys to be the best they can be

Thorpe House isn't just a school, it's a family that only wants the best for your boys

Teachers are willing to 'go the extra mile' and are unstinting in the time they give to individual pupils


Pre-Prep Department

A vibrant, inclusive and very happy school, where small classes ensure a high level of care and attention to every boy, and where boys are encouraged to embrace the values of friendship and respect, alongside perseverance and a love of learning.


Prep Department

A warm, friendly, family-like community where each boy is known by his teachers and taught in classes of no more than 16 boys. Due to these small class sizes, our teachers have the time, energy and experience to look after the individual needs of each and every boy.


Senior Department

We provide excellent teaching in a small school environment, where each boy is known by all of his teachers and is treated as an individual.We utilise our understanding of each student so that by the time they leave us they are equipped to face the challenges of a new school and higher education.

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